Samson and Delilah – Hello DC!

Though Samson and Delilah has not reached its desired US audience- it is steadily expanding and your support is key to its success. Next on the agenda is the brand new West End Cinema in DC and the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, with screenings to open up in California in December leading up to its DVD release on December 28th.

The theatrical business is not easy, but with its challenges, comes its rewards. we personally want to thank the fantastic organizations that continue to support Samson and Delilah’s US campaign: National Geographic All Roads, Sundance Institute, NYU, AusFilm, Smithsonian Institute, Survival International and the American Australian Association.

Samson and Delilah will open in Washington DC & Chicago on November 19th for a limited time- stay tuned for more information and don’t forget to save Samson and Delilah to your Netflix queue now!



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