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Samson and Delilah

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Samson and Delilah - Short Stories About Love

Marissa has had small parts in film and television productions as an extra, but this is her first major role. She lives in Alice Springs, where she attends high school and studies her newly favorite subjects – English and Drama. She speaks three languages – Warlpiri, Luritja and English, and until this year was studying Japanese language too. She put her acting wages towards a school study tour of Japan after the completion of filming. She loves to text-message and eat spring rolls from the Alice Springs Sunday Markets.

Marissa on Delilah

“A short film synopsis of Delilah is a teenager who is part of the aboriginal culture in Australia. As an aboriginal girl Delilah participates in traditional aboriginal ceremonies and aboriginal spirituality within her community. Delilah also lives out in the bush where most native people of Australia reside. Delilah is kind hearted and respects her elders.  Delilah with her aboriginal family, who’s lineage dates back to one of the first aboriginal tribes of Australia. When Delilah’s nana suddenly passes away Delilah’s family thinks it’s her fault and punishes her according to aboriginal customs, with sticks. Delilah then meets another Aboriginal teenager, Samson, and they fall in love. Samson and Delilah don’t say it but they feel it. Aboriginal people don’t say very much, we just use body language. Samson and Delilah go into town but have nowhere to stay because they are from the bush so they stay under the bridge in the creek. Samson and Delilah try to get food but they don’t have money so they start to steal, and slowly Delilah becomes another person. I hope the film gives the viewer information about Australia, and indigenous Australian culture. I want the viewer to know that it’s different here, compared to other places, it’s hard to explain, we just live in a different world. This is basically my synopsis film review”



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