Rowan McNamara – Samson

Samson and Delilah

Actors Biography

Rowan makes his screen debut in SAMSON & DELILAH. Rowan is part of a community filled with Australian indigenous people on the outskirts of the Alice Springs township. Rowan is Eastern Arrente and is originally from Santa Teresa, he is part of the community 80km southeast of Alice.  He is a keen AFL footballer, a devoted fan of Essendon Football Club and has traveled Australia playing footy with his school.Rowan’s favorite food of the moment is lasagne.

Samson and Delilah - Short Stories About Love


Rowan on Samson

“My name is Rowan Mcnamara, my mother gave me an one of the original aboriginal names, and I act as Samson in the movie. Samson likes hunting, aborigines art, sniffing and listening to music, but not his brother’s band. Oh, and he’s lover-lover for Delilah. I like acting, but not with girls, they just wreck it. nah, only gammon (joking).”


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